Does ExploitSearch track my queries?

YES and NO

While some data is recorded about each query/search, it is only used to identify malicious activity and to idfentify sites linking to ExploitSearch.net.

If an IP address (and query) are identified as malicious, the IP address is added to the "Naughty List".

If it is not determined to be malicious, it is purged from the database.

In either case the referer is kept for SEO purposes.

NOTE: All of the data being collected and deleted is available from the web server logs: this should not really surprise anyone
  • date of query/search
  • source IP address
  • HTTP User Agent
  • the referer (if any)
  • query (search string)

Can I get a JSON search result?


Any standard search can be translated into a JSON result.

For example, the following search:


returns the standard search results, while the following URL:


returns the JSON results for the same query.

What advanced search operators that are allowed?

The following special operators and modifiers can be used when searching:
  • operator AND: (this is automatically implied and does not need to be included)
    hello & world
  • operator OR:
    hello | world
  • operator NOT:
    hello !world
  • phrase search operator:
    "hello world"
  • strict order operator (aka operator "before"):
    aaa << bbb << ccc

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